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PBP: Inner Strength

Posted in Pagan Blog Project with tags , on May 12, 2012 by The Starry Path

I´m terribly late for this one… Anyway!

What is inner strength? To me, it´s vital to my faith and should be a part of coven training. To be a good companion, we can´t expect to crack under pressure, act aggressively or get delusional. If I ever do form a coven of my own, I will emphasise it. Inner strength is needed for the discipline of Wiccan practice, for the continuity of a sometimes tough road, and for following our moral compass. Inner strength is integrity and stamina.

How do you find inner strength? I think it´s a process and a commitment to growth throughout all of your life, all the stages and aspects of your life. It surely doesn´t happen over night. Someone once said something like: “How can you expect to harvest wisdom without allowing time for sowing?”

I said it should be part of coven training, but can you train inner strength? Yes, I think so. Well, at least cultivate it. Inner strength is gained through self knowledge. Reflection, meditation, inner work and openhearted discussion are some of the keys. Learn about how you react in different situations, how you feel, what you think. Take a step back, evaluate. Think about different ways of handling it. Strength isn´t about controlling others, it´s about controlling yourself and choosing the wisest path to your goal. Strength is gentle, like resilient water. True strength doesn´t harm, it heals.