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PBP: Dedication

Posted in Pagan Blog Project with tags , , , on February 18, 2012 by The Starry Path

For the letter D this week I´ve chosen to write about Dedication.

For me, dedication to my path has always been essential, because I believe that what you put in is what you get back. When you show dedication to your Gods you get their attention back in return. What goes around, comes around!

As I see it, dedication is two things. Firstly, dedication is when you make a statement, that this is the path you want to follow in life. This should not be taken lightly! It´s about letting go of something and inviting something new. That is one reason for the tradition of studying “a year and a day”,  before you dedicate yourself in Wicca. It is also a reason why most serious coven don´t allow anyone under the age of 18. There´s so much going on around that age, and not many people have the stability to focus on religion, definitely not a new one. A young person´s priorities are usually elsewhere. But in the quest to discover one´s identity, some turn to religion, alternative religion. I did, and I´ve certainly never looked back. But most people I met at that point were much older than me.

The second kind of dedication is probably the most important, and then I mean the continuous dedication to your path. Some people may surely become a bit lazy after doing a self dedication and feel that they´ve done their part. Now it´s done, right? No, my friend, it is only beginning! Dedication is not a one time thing, it´s continuous through daily practice and deepening your knowledge, wisdom and know-how, eventually to possibly serve the pagan community as a whole by teaching or sharing in some other way.

Dedication, in both regards, usually looks different depending on if you´re a solitary practitioner or  working with a coven. If you´re a solitary, you will probably at some point do a self dedication ceremony to dedicate yourself to your path. You have to design the ritual yourself, or follow one in a book. As for the continuous practice, I find it relatable to exercise: it´s easier to keep it up with the support of others. Many make new year´s resolutions, only to return to old habits after a month. It takes a huge inner drive to follow a new routine. Many beginners can keep it up a few months, but when the first surge of enthusiasm fades, they drop the ball.

If in a coven, one gets the support and guidance of others who have already wandered before you. It´s a quite different guidance than books. I started out as a solitary practitioner but later found a coven. It´s a great experience to have others make a dedication ceremony for you, letting you experience it rather than creating it yourself. It´s a touching experience. The self dedication I made a few years before was a dedication to keep on deepening my path within Wicca, while the other was more of a dedication to the coven experience. Different, but a natural succession for me! Since then I´ve also taken my first initiation, which also feels like a step in the continuous dedication on my path and to my gods.

So to summarize, I feel that dedication is very important. When I feel that something fits me right, I wanna do it wholeheartedly. Because honestly, I think that both I and the path deserve due honor that I can give by dedicating myself.