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When In Doubt

Posted in Ramblings, Wicca with tags , , on October 18, 2015 by The Starry Path

This morning I listened to an interview on youtube with Maxine Sanders, co-founder of the Alexandrian tradition of Wicca. In my witchy beginnings I was assigned to read her book Maxine: the Witch Queen from 1976. That was the first time I’d heard of her.


I found the interview very interesting and thought provocing. Maxine is an intriguing woman and witch. What really shone through for me was Maxine the priestess. She spoke with integrity, honor and sincerity and you could hear that she loves the Craft. It awoke a newfound admiration for her in me. It also made me question things about my own practice, sadly in a negative way. But probably it’s because of my general mood today. I started thinking that I don’t practice enough, that I’m not good enough and will never possess the qualities or experience to lead a group. I am not articulate enough to even pin point my believes or theories.

But something inside me whispers in a small voice. It says that these insecurities and fears can turn into advantages. I just have a different flavor and I need to find my own voice, my unique style. I shouldn’t sell myself short. I am on this path and I strive to be the best self I can be. We all have our difficulties but we are all good enough.