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PBP: Calling

Posted in Pagan Blog Project with tags , , , , on February 6, 2012 by The Starry Path

I just jump into the blog posts. I started a tad bit late and missed A and B and I don´t want to blog backwards so I´ll start with C. I have chosen C for Calling, and by that I mean the calling to my path.

I´m under no illusion that my path is “special” compared to others, it´s just a path amongst other paths. I don´t believe in a single truth, one path, one religion to save mankind. I love diversity, the truth in diversity. I think that the calling to any path is a beautiful thing, as long as it harms none.

My own calling is somewhat diffuse, I can´t really say when it happened, it´s as if my life was just set on this road. Ever since a child, I was deeply fascinated and moved by ancient mythology, especially the one of my northern ancestors. My childhood was devoid of religion, and it was something I both longed for and shunned. Longed for, because I had an intuitive flair for it; shunned, because my heart lay not in traditional religions. Christianity seemed to be the only thing on the market, but my imagination had been stirred by tales of egyptian priestesses, folk magic, divination and the ever present gods of my land, like Tor the thunderer, Sif of the gentle sunrays and Eir of the healing herbs.

It´s hard to explain why I´m called to this path, what it is in my nature that is drawn and eager to respond. I could say that it is my curiosity, my open mindedness (although I´m quite down to earth, sometimes skeptical even, regarding mine and others spirituality) and imaginative ability. But it feels wrong to say it, because they´re not traits of my path alone.

It is like me to end up with more questions than when I started, I´m always hesitant, never certain. But that´s a characteristic I´m beginning to grow more fond of. When nothing is certain, everything is permitted!