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Wicca’s “Secret”

Posted in Wicca with tags , on November 7, 2014 by The Starry Path

Yesterday I visited our local pagan pub moot for the second time and met some new people. One of the women, who was also the administrator of the moot since fifteen years, shared her own story into Wicca. She had been High Priestess of two working covens but it didn’t sound like she had recieved any wiccan training herself, although part of some informal witch group. Well, I can’t frown upon that because initiatory covens are so rare in these parts of the world. Instead of forgetting about it, learning by doing is the only option and the one I like better.

Anyway. This woman was very nice, and over all I liked her, but she made a few statements that put me off. She talked about her wiccan books, and how she had stopped reading those once she discovered “the secret of Wicca”. After that statement she smiled contently, almost with her eyes closed, and looked very much like a cat who has swallowed a big mouse. One of the other girls tried to ask her what was her version of the truth but she wouldn’t say anything more. What she conveyed was basically that her version and The Truth were one and the same.

My reaction was to feel very unimpressed by her behavior. It also made me realize that we must have very different views on Wicca. As I interpret her statement, she believes that there is one single, objective sort of metaphysical truth. I have a hard time buying that and I’m glad to leave that sort of thinking to other religions. To me that has never been part of Wicca. Wicca to me is also so much more in the physical here and now, with its ritual workings, seasonal celebrations and traditions. It’s about the combining of the physical and the metaphysical, the bridge between the immanent and the transcendent. Anyway, to each their own.