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PBP: Ehwaz Rune

Posted in Pagan Blog Project with tags , , , , , on March 11, 2012 by The Starry Path

Ehwaz is a special rune to me, it´s the rune that I have dreamt of most often. In the dream that I remember best, this rune glowed in the palm of my hand (in the other palm glowed Mannaz) and warded off giants.

Ehwaz is called “The Horse Rune”, representing communication and movement in both the outer and inner world. It´s a good rune for shamanic travelling between the worlds. In that sense, it´s also closely linked with Odin and his horse Sleipnir, who carried fallen warriors to Valhall. Because of that, it is also associated with death. Other qualities are partnership, trust and loyalty.

Ehwaz implies controlled change and progress, speed and momentum, as well as male-female polarity and deep friendship. The horse is also connected with sexuality, sensuality and fertility, and therefore with Frey.