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A rose by any other name

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The word “Witch” has never actually had a particular draw on me. I’ve never strongly identified with it. When I was 14 I started getting into astrology, divination and magic. When I turned 15 my mother gave me my first tarot deck (Rider-Waite).

I had a book about various alternative spiritual traditions. A female witch was featured. I remember her talking about sacrificing her menstrual blood to the Earth and opening rifts in time. Nah, not really my thing. But what really set fire to my mind was the picture of the robed, sword wielding ceremonial magician in the forest! He was a member of Golden Dawn, I think, and spoke about magickal operations and invoking gods. Oh gosh, I was super intrigued!

I guess I like systems, a tested framework. And above all, I love ceremony! I love well used tools, the smell of incense, gestures, flickering candle light… The ritual repetition that becomes our spiritual fingerprint. I thrive on that!

I find it hard to make a sharp destinction between a witch and a magician. So much depends on the individual practitioner and his or her leanings and what he or she chooses to identify with. I do way more ceremony than I do spells and that’s one of my personal definitions. Even though I adhere to balance, I am a bit more concerned about the spiritual, mystical dimension of things than the material realm.


The familiar stranger

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I said:
“I want to know you. Please come, show yourself to me!”
I saw her rise from within me, and she spoke:
“I separate myself from you, so that you may see me. I make myself a stranger, so that you can make out what is me and what is you. But if you truly wish to know me, look within and see what we are together.”


PBP: Deity

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Deity… I guess I just have to write about deity concepts for myself, because I´m struggling with it! It´s so hard and I don´t even know where to begin. How about from the beginning?

When I first encountered Wicca I was about 15 years old. It was through a book that my mother´s friend gave me. It was 21st Century Wicca (with the title horribly translated to something like “Wicca: A Young Wicca´s Handbook”. That´s right, Wicca, not Wiccan)  by Jennifer Hunter, for long the only book on Wicca translated to my language, nowadays there´s… two. She had ordered it through a book club I think, but said it wasn´t for her, maybe I would be interested? She knew I was into magic, astrology, divination etc. Well, that I was, but I wasn´t religiously inclined at all! I was spiritually searching, but not really for a religion.

I read the book, and liked the chapter on magic, but I really, really struggled with the concept of deity. God? Goddess? Whatfor, and who were they?! I actually think I gave it an honest try to wrap my head around it, but miserably failed. I didn´t want to believe, I saw myself as an atheist. Then I met my first teacher and had my first experience of deity during meditation. I felt like a loving, warm woman figure hugged me, rocked me in her safe arms. I´d never felt anything like it and it filled me with wonder. Could it be something like a God and Goddess, could it be anything out there? In that case I wanted to know! That is how it begun…

At first I theorized quite a bit, when you don´t have much experience I imagine that´s common. I´m not the type of person who just starts believing in something, without any experiences on my own to support it.  But you have to start somewhere. I saw the gods as archetypes, as part of our psyche, but also as something bigger than I could begin to grasp. I have modified a saying I once heard on TV to suit my view on deity:

Deity is always more than our desciption of it. If we don´t understand that, we don´t have the right to describe it.”

Over the years, my beliefs have evolved according to my experiences that I´ve gained through study, meditation, ritual, contemplation and discussion. I don´t think I will ever feel that I´ve capture the core of the divine, I think this´ll be a life long process and journey. I´m in a bit of a hurry, so I will expend my thoughts in a part II.