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PBP: Deity

Posted in Pagan Blog Project with tags , , , on February 24, 2012 by The Starry Path

Deity… I guess I just have to write about deity concepts for myself, because I´m struggling with it! It´s so hard and I don´t even know where to begin. How about from the beginning?

When I first encountered Wicca I was about 15 years old. It was through a book that my mother´s friend gave me. It was 21st Century Wicca (with the title horribly translated to something like “Wicca: A Young Wicca´s Handbook”. That´s right, Wicca, not Wiccan)  by Jennifer Hunter, for long the only book on Wicca translated to my language, nowadays there´s… two. She had ordered it through a book club I think, but said it wasn´t for her, maybe I would be interested? She knew I was into magic, astrology, divination etc. Well, that I was, but I wasn´t religiously inclined at all! I was spiritually searching, but not really for a religion.

I read the book, and liked the chapter on magic, but I really, really struggled with the concept of deity. God? Goddess? Whatfor, and who were they?! I actually think I gave it an honest try to wrap my head around it, but miserably failed. I didn´t want to believe, I saw myself as an atheist. Then I met my first teacher and had my first experience of deity during meditation. I felt like a loving, warm woman figure hugged me, rocked me in her safe arms. I´d never felt anything like it and it filled me with wonder. Could it be something like a God and Goddess, could it be anything out there? In that case I wanted to know! That is how it begun…

At first I theorized quite a bit, when you don´t have much experience I imagine that´s common. I´m not the type of person who just starts believing in something, without any experiences on my own to support it.  But you have to start somewhere. I saw the gods as archetypes, as part of our psyche, but also as something bigger than I could begin to grasp. I have modified a saying I once heard on TV to suit my view on deity:

Deity is always more than our desciption of it. If we don´t understand that, we don´t have the right to describe it.”

Over the years, my beliefs have evolved according to my experiences that I´ve gained through study, meditation, ritual, contemplation and discussion. I don´t think I will ever feel that I´ve capture the core of the divine, I think this´ll be a life long process and journey. I´m in a bit of a hurry, so I will expend my thoughts in a part II.