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Posted in Ritual on December 6, 2015 by The Starry Path

There have been some intense few weeks of writing rituals. Me and my coven mate has been asigned to co-write this year’s Yule ritual and everyone were also asigned to write an esbat ritual for last Wednesday. I wrote it for the full moon and focused on experiencing the Moon Goddess and strenghtening the ties within the group.

I was a bit nervous showing that ritual. I have been with my coven a little over a year now but we haven’t talked overtly of our private praxis. I have never told anyone exactly what I say or do in ritual but it came through in the one I wrote because I wanted to be genuine. I wanted them to know what I was about at my core. For example, I focus quite heavily on polarity and not everyone’s into that. Thankfully it was well recieved and I got some nice feedback. My high priest didn’t have any recommended alterations and they all thought it was poetic and set the mood very well.

It was lovely to see what all the others had written! There were beautiful things in each and everyone and it sparked my creativity further. It is wonderful to share!


The downside of coven life

Posted in Coven, Ramblings, Ritual, Wicca on August 5, 2015 by The Starry Path

Long time since I wrote anything at all. I have a blog where I write in my native language too, but I’m actually more drawn to write here for some reason.

Summer has arrived, mostly with rain. The coven is taking a summer break and I miss hanging out. I don’t miss the travelling though, since it’s about four hours in total. But heck, it’s totally worth it! The last ritual was held elsewhere, and when we returned to the apartment we made some tea and watched the sky grow lighter while we talked. It was a wonderful, calm closure. So relaxed and friendly. I always stay over at ritual nights, and it’s amazing to be able to sit and talk in peace without having to rush to the train. The conversations usually run quite deep then.

The downside of coven life for me has been the feeling that I’m failing my own practice. Before I met this group I was loosely part of another coven. In fact, it wasn’t I who was loose but rather the coven as a whole. That meant I had lots of time to form my own practice, and so I did. Especially the year 2011 was a very productive year for me when I re-wrote, experimented and practiced a lot, especially at esbats. That year I had my most intense moment in ritual (at an esbat), that has since been what I strive for. But the gods chose their moments with or without us, it seems!

Anyway, given the choise I would definately practice with a coven rather than without. It’s so rewarding for me on so many levels. I wouldn’t change it or trade it. But I need to get my own stuff together again. I’ve become lazy and I’m loosing touch with my own ways, my own sovereignty in circle. It takes more of you to hold the circle on your own, to keep focus all the time, because there’s no one there to back you up. It requires somewhat different skills than coven work. And as much as coven rituals are lovely, I don’t think they can get me to where I was in 2011, that sort of thing is between you and the gods.