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The Lake

Posted in Nature, Ramblings on August 9, 2015 by The Starry Path


(Photo from google)

It’s been a rainy summer, so I haven’t bathed outside at all (hopefully the coming week will present an opportunity). But late this afternoon me and my husband visited our favorite lake in the area. It use to be very few people around so that is great for us introverts.

I took off my shoes and stepped out into the lukewarm water. The pebbles under my feet slowed my steps, made me tread carefully. I watched small waves roll towards the shore, breaking against my legs while the sun broke through the clouds. I opened my arms, my breath, my spirit to the lake and it welcomed me back. Strongly I sensed the lake like a being, an entity of its own. A presence. How I long to go back and take a real plunge!