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The Union of Opposites 

Posted in Tarot on August 17, 2017 by The Starry Path

I’ve been doing a lot of work with the tarot for some months, journeying through the major arcana. I meditate, ponder and do some sort of automatic writing for one card a week (approximately, or until I feel done). This form of writing I’ve used for years and it’s a way of connecting with my subconscious that I feel very comfortable with. And of course I love writing in general. I start off with a thread, a word or a sentence, and then I just go on from there and interesting things come out of it. Often in the form of poetry.

One major theme that has become apparent is the union of opposites. It’s like I’m seeing it in almost every card that I work with. Either in the card itself or in pairing with another one. Since back in… I can’t remember if it was March or April when I started with The Fool, that theme has become much more relevant to my own life as well. It has surely been a journey and at times it has directly correlated with the cards. It has led me to take up CG Jung again, studying the anima/animus and to realize the dynamics in my own relationships and trying to take back some of the projections and integrate them instead. This has made me somewhat more distant from my intense feeling states and more rationally inclined. I NEEDED THAT! 

Some cards have meant unexpected challenges or pleasures for me. One of the heaviest weeks was working with The Lovers, it brought out a lot a icky stuff. This week I started with The Devil and it has been a strange relief. He feels raw and honest and allows me to look at myself without shame. It was also these two cards that I learned yesterday were each other’s mirror image. 

I’m seeing these type of connections between cards that I never realized before even though I got my first deck at 15. But I guess the greatest gift is understanding the content that’s within my own psyche and in what form it prefers to reveal itself to me.