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Posted in Ramblings on August 20, 2012 by The Starry Path

A long time since I posted something… I´m in unfamiliar territory at the moment, where I´m not really in touch with my spirituality. Me and my husband have moved to another city and started new jobs. The problem with packing and unpacking… At first I didn´t want to unpack any of my stuff… I was curious what would become of my practice without it all. But soon I took out my shrine for Isis, haven´t used it much though.

    So where does this leave me? Litha and Lughnasadh have passed and I feel out of rhythm and out of touch. I don´t think I have ever neglected the holidays like this before; sure I have skipped a few during the years, but it´s a different feeling now. I just can´t explain it! It´s an empty feeling, a feeling of floating on the back in water almost. Between time and space.

    Point is… I don´t really know what I should do. I´m feeling a bit lost. I´ve always kind of had a direction before, always knowing what I want to learn, practice, experience. Now, I feel like a clean slate.

    I will stop the mad rambling now.