The Thread

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I have been home from work for a week due to a nasty cold. It’s starting to give way now, thankfully, but I’m not out of the woods just yet. 

One thing I have found is that during times of illness (while having been reasonably conscious), when I haven’t been able to focus on studying or work, my mind always tends to gravitate towards Wicca and the Craft. Suddenly I’m back to doing daily devotionals, journaling and what not. It’s like I’m being pulled by this thread attached to my heart and everything settles into what it ought to be. One can not help but wander what would happen if I had more leisure time on my hands. That would be glorious! 

Recently I started thinking about how empty and lacking my life would be without Wicca. I have never seen myself living an ordinary life. I mean ordinary in the sense that you follow a predictable pattern and living by the norm, like getting married, buying a home and raising a bunch of kids that you devote the rest of your life to. I’ve done the first two but that’s where I jokingly draw the line. I’ve never been into kids and am not the motherly type. I can’t see my life evolving around family life in that sense, it’s not the path for me. Not that there’s  anything inherently wrong with it, but I have other dreams, other aspirations. So anyway, without Wicca I wouldn’t enjoy the sense of purpose I now know. It really is the vein of my existence, though it sounds terribly dramatic and perhaps pretentious. But that’s how I feel about my religion. It gives my life meaning. 

When I toss around words like “purpose” and “meaning” I’m not saying that I’ve got it all figured out by any means. I have not singled out my life’s purpose or anything. What I do mean is that I am devoted to mystery. The mystery of being alive in this time and place, the mystery of the gods and to the betterment of my character by their guidance. I guess it’s that simple, and that hard.


Battle Crow

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I banged my drum, real loud, real fast. The images of ravens on the drum pulsated with the beats, almost seamed alive. They seamed to whisper to me “Battle crow, battle crow…” The beat went ever faster until suddenly I stopped.

When the tone of the drum still echoed in my ear and pierced the silence of the room, I sensed her behind me. In my mind’s eye I saw her standing there, all covered in blood. All covered in dripping, gloriously red blood. The blood of her enemies, her opponents. She was urgency, lust, blood frenzy and madness. I am somewhat scared of meeting her closer up!


“Small” talk

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It saddens me when I give in to that voice saying that I’m not good enough. It’s so unnecessary and it ends up actually hurting people close to me. Because I get suspicious and I question what they mean by things they say, should I take that as a hidden insult? I get that it gets tiring. But some days I just feel so small and vulnerable and I retire to my shell and can’t think of a reason why someone would like me or would want to spend time with me. I compare myself to my friend’s other friends, who are bubbly, relaxed and fun. I am not those things, most of the time. I am usually guarded, private, intense and reflecting.

I get so frustrated with myself. I just want to connect but I stumble over my own feet, I get in my own way, because very probably it’s all in my head. I think it’s a good thing that I get to confront these feelings and insecurities. If I would close myself off to friendship in fear of getting hurt I would never learn. I am enough. I may have bad days but they don’t reflect my inner worth. I am enough, I am enough, I am enough.



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There have been some intense few weeks of writing rituals. Me and my coven mate has been asigned to co-write this year’s Yule ritual and everyone were also asigned to write an esbat ritual for last Wednesday. I wrote it for the full moon and focused on experiencing the Moon Goddess and strenghtening the ties within the group.

I was a bit nervous showing that ritual. I have been with my coven a little over a year now but we haven’t talked overtly of our private praxis. I have never told anyone exactly what I say or do in ritual but it came through in the one I wrote because I wanted to be genuine. I wanted them to know what I was about at my core. For example, I focus quite heavily on polarity and not everyone’s into that. Thankfully it was well recieved and I got some nice feedback. My high priest didn’t have any recommended alterations and they all thought it was poetic and set the mood very well.

It was lovely to see what all the others had written! There were beautiful things in each and everyone and it sparked my creativity further. It is wonderful to share!


The Old Gods Awaken

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That special feeling is starting to dawn on me yet again. It’s always the same this time of year, when mist is shrouding the fields, the leafs let go and the frost is glittering. Nature is preparing for the long winter and The Old Gods awaken. That’s what it feels like, suddenly there is a new awareness. I feel them rising from the ground, moving through forests, fields and towns. I feel their power, I feel them rejoicing.

Mostly I feel Oden, my father figure, my guide. Since I was a child I’ve always felt close to him, perhaps because I did learn about him as a child in an otherwise secular household. I sense him wander across the land, visiting his followers, partaking in their offerings. Perhaps he leaves them gifts of poetry, wanderlust, courage, inspiration or knowledge of the runes and other hidden things.

It’s not as though The Old Gods aren’t present during the summer months. I sense the sensuous Frej in the fields of flowers, Frigg in the maturing wheat and Thor in the thunderstorms. They are all everywhere, all the time. They truly belong to this land, tied (but not chained) to this place.


Coming into your power

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Ok, I just feel like rambling a bit tonight and see where it leads me. I’m not even gonna bother with checking the spelling too much, something I usually do a lot since English is my second language. So, there…

I had an interesting talk with my dear friend over the phone yesterday. She is a seeker who has quite a lovely unfolding relationship with a Norse goddess. Like oh so many others she worries quite a lot about the possibility that external forces might influence her or threaten her in some way. She feels vulnerable and not in control. Plus she overthinks everything! That’s like her speciality. So I conclude two things: she doesn’t really trust her intuition and she doesn’t recognize or connect to her own power.

I may not be the most self assured person on this planet, far from it! I frequently feel socially awkward, uncapable of mundane tasks etc. But having spent a lot of time and effort navigating the inner planes I’m sort of familiar there now. I know I am in control there. I try to remember how I experienced it when I started out all those years ago… Maybe my first taste of it was when my mother did guided visualisation with me as a little girl, trying to relieve some of my anxiety to help me fall asleep. It is still so vivid in my mind, me and my black horse on a green summer field. I had a backpack (probably with cookies in it) and a yellow dress. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a yellow dress in real life, but perhaps it was another trick to try and brighten my mood. It kinda worked. It opened up to me the idea that on the mental plane I was in charge and I could create the reality that I wanted, more or less, and sometimes it could even spill over into outside reality.

As I grew older I continued to experiment and I got interested in the occult and practices like meditation and magick. When I came across my first teacher he talked quite extensively about protection and spiritual hygiene. One of the most important things he imparted was that the belief that someone could harm you was the most devastating of all. It was/is very possible that someone can do you harm, but I have consciously remained quite thick headed about it and not even made it an option for it to impact me. That goes for humans as well as spirits by the way. Instead I chose to view myself as a cast circle, whole and incorruptable. I am a microcosmos of all the power in the universe and can not be shaken.

I think that one must become very self aware, know thyself! If you know what you are and what you are not, it’s more easy to draw lines to keep negative influence at bay. Learn what thoughts are yours (this is also where you have to listen to your deep intuition) and what thoughts come from outside of yourself. To speak clear, learn to distinguish where you begin and where you end, what are conventions, fears or other disturbances and what is truly genuine.

Well, that’s it for tonight. It’s late and I gotta rise early. Take care!

When In Doubt

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This morning I listened to an interview on youtube with Maxine Sanders, co-founder of the Alexandrian tradition of Wicca. In my witchy beginnings I was assigned to read her book Maxine: the Witch Queen from 1976. That was the first time I’d heard of her.


I found the interview very interesting and thought provocing. Maxine is an intriguing woman and witch. What really shone through for me was Maxine the priestess. She spoke with integrity, honor and sincerity and you could hear that she loves the Craft. It awoke a newfound admiration for her in me. It also made me question things about my own practice, sadly in a negative way. But probably it’s because of my general mood today. I started thinking that I don’t practice enough, that I’m not good enough and will never possess the qualities or experience to lead a group. I am not articulate enough to even pin point my believes or theories.

But something inside me whispers in a small voice. It says that these insecurities and fears can turn into advantages. I just have a different flavor and I need to find my own voice, my unique style. I shouldn’t sell myself short. I am on this path and I strive to be the best self I can be. We all have our difficulties but we are all good enough.